Common Terms

What is Pāḷi?

Pāḷi is the language of Buddha.


What is Metta?

Metta is a Pāḷi word, often translated as loving-kindness.


What is Dana?

Dana is the Pāḷi word for the Practice of Generosity or giving. Learn more about dana and why all of Mettagroup’s classes are donation-based.


What is Dharma?

The Sanskrit word often translated as “the teachings of the Buddha.”


What is Sila?

The Pāḷi word for virtue or morality.


Where do I begin? 

Our daily Morning Meditation is a great place to start and is appropriate for all levels students. Our pre-recorded Downloads, which also include a two month subscription to Morning Meditation, are a great way to jump-start your practice.


Where are classes held?

Morning Meditation is conducted via conference call and One-on-One Mentoring sessions are held via phone, Skype, email and text message. Intensives and retreats generally take place in person in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.


When is the next intensive or retreat?

Check out our Classes section for upcoming dates, sign up for our newsletter below, or keep in touch on social media where we announce all upcoming courses, retreats and special events with links to details.


How do I sign up for One-on-One Mentoring?

We accept one-on-one mentoring students on a case-by-case basis and there is often a waiting list, so please contact us for details.


Why Do I Need A Meditation Teacher?

In the practice of Insight Meditation not all insights are equally worth pursuing. How useful would it be to have someone available to you to help distinguish between what is important on the path and worth pursuing and what is not? That’s what a meditation teacher is for.


How do I get in touch with George Haas?

Contact us. George is very busy with his students, but he'll do his best to get back to you!