A Note From George (June 2017)


June is upon us, and -- drum roll please, can-can line wave kick right to left and back, dumb-da-de-dum -- so we will begin exploring the first four stages of insight from The Sixteen Stages of Insight for the next eight weeks on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s Morning Meditation. Applying tried and true Shinzen Young meditation techniques, and with commentary from Mahasi Sayadaw's The Progress of Insight, we will spend two weeks with each stage.

Beginning with the Analytical Knowledge of Body and Mind (nama-rupa- pariccheda-ñana) we will explore the actual activity of sensing: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling; the capacity to sense something contacts an object that can be sensed, and a consciousness of that sensing experience arises, which awareness knows.

Building on the experience of sensing, we will develop Knowledge by Discerning Conditionality (paccaya-pariggaha-ñana), tracking how this moment is dependent on the conditions of the previous moment, and how the next moment is dependent on the conditions of this moment.

Then, we will explore Knowledge by Comprehension (sammasana-ñana), examining each sensing phenomena through one of The Three Characteristics of Existence, Ananta, Anicca and Dukkha (not-self, impermanence and unsatisfactoriness).

Finishing up July with Knowledge of Arising and Passing Away (udayabbaya-ñana), or flow states. 

To continue on to Knowledge of Dissolution (bhanga-ñana) I would recommend some retreat practice! BHANGA OR BUST!! There is so much freedom to be had in understanding the nature of sensing and what we make the sensing experience into. How we make self and world. Enjoy!

- George Haas (from retreat in upstate New York)