Mettagroup offers a wide range of meditation instruction both in person and remotely for students ranging from beginners to advanced. Morning Meditation is a live, guided meditation held via conference call that takes place six days a week, and is recorded and archived. We also offer in-person intensive meditation classes and retreats throughout the year. One-On-One Mentoring students are accepted on a case-by-case basis and take place remotely via phone, Skype, email and/or text message.

Morning Meditation

Live, conference-call based guided meditation, six days a week

About Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation is a live conference-call based meditation rooted in Buddhist teachings, and guided by Mettagroup founder George Haas. All of the sessions are recorded and archived so you can listen anytime you wish if you miss a call or simply want a refresher.

Each day’s session stands alone, so you can jump in at any time and get some benefit. At the same time, the sessions are organized around specific themes that play out over several weeks, so if you choose to join in for all the sessions, you can go deep. View the schedule below to learn more about the focus for each day of the week’s guided meditation.

While meditation can completely transform your life for the better, the challenge is that you really need to do it regularly to manifest that change. The purpose of Morning Meditation is to help support your daily practice so that you can make that progress and live a more meaningful life.


Conference calls are held Monday - Saturday, 7:30 AM - 7:55 AM PT

Session Focus:
Monday - Concentration & Insight
Tuesday  -  Metta
Wednesday  - Concentration & Insight
Thursday - Metta
Friday - Concentration & Insight
Saturday - Metta

Concentration & Insight sessions are divided into two sections:
10 minutes for concentration and 15 minutes for insight meditation

About the Practice

Morning Meditation instructions are simple and straightforward. Even if you have no meditation experience you will be able to learn to meditate following the guidance and by asking questions as you pursue your own path to happiness.

Your subscription to Morning Meditation includes both the Concentration & Insight sessions and the Metta sessions.

Metta sessions take you through a complete cycle starting with generosity and forgiveness practice. Then it moves into practice focused on yourself, on teachers, mentors and family, neutral people, people who you have conflict with and all sentient beings in the world.

Concentration & Insight sessions cycle through a simple to complex practice.

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The Meaningful Life
Intensive Class

A close look at your meditation practice

Led by Mettagroup founder George Haas, the meditation techniques offered in this ten month intensive class are specific, simple and easy-to-do. Whether you already have an established practice or are just beginning, you can benefit.

So often with shorter class series, there comes a point when the training offered exceeds the mediation skills of the student, and the instruction becomes a seed for later exploration rather than an immediate skill-set. With this class, you will be able to develop the meditation skills needed to directly experience the insight offered as we move through the curriculum.


The Meaningful Life looks at using your meditation practice to come into radical acceptance of yourself as you are now without wanting to change anything. Using John Bowlby’s attachment theory as a model for understanding how we connect with other people, you will learn how we can be completely ourselves in our relationships with others and with our work. In other words, how to live a meaningful life.

Registration also includes access to Morning Meditation, a live guided meditation held via conference call six days a week, as well as two private one-on-one sessions with an experienced mentor via Skype, and are videotaped and archived in case you miss one. 

Contact us or sign up for the newsletter via the link at the bottom of this page to find out when the next class starts.

Meditation Interventions
for the Addiction Process
Intensive Class

Meditation-based healing for addiction and addiction-related issues

Led by Mettagroup founder George Haas, the techniques and strategies covered in this class are specifically designed to support healing for people dealing with addiction and addiction-related issues. As evidenced by George's own personal path, mindfulness meditation-based skills training can offer a truly effective behavioral change in the realm of addiction.

Combining traditional meditation approaches, the relapse pattern theories from the work of G. Alan Marlatt, Phd., and John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, this class provides a simple, easy-to-learn, and very pragmatic approach to addressing addiction.

The instruction is offered as a secular practice, without any prescription for belief. The Buddhist context of the mindfulness meditation instruction is included so that students can reference the original texts if that interests them, but it is not required.

The skills-training explores these topics, offering specific meditation-based strategies for coping with:

  • The desire for unconsciousness
  • The craving and urge for the addictive substance and/or behavior (Marlatt)
  • Persistent negative emotions as a causal factor in relapse (Marlatt, Firestone)
  • Difficult interpersonal relationships as a causal factor in relapse (Marlatt, Bowlby)
  • Relieving chronic low self-esteem (Bowlby, Firestone, Masterson)
  • Developing an addiction-free life worth living (Masterson)

Registration also includes access to Morning Meditation, a live guided meditation held via conference call six days a week, as well as two private one-on-one sessions with an experienced mentor via Skype, and are videotaped and archived in case you miss one. 

Contact us or sign up for the newsletter via the link at the bottom of this page to find out when the next class starts.

Retreats & Special Events

Extended meditation retreats & special events

Extended meditation retreats are open to beginners and ongoing practitioners alike and offer a chance to experience an extended period of meditation that is so vital to our practice. Retreats offer the opportunity to move deeply into our experience and support our deepest intention to be free. Our single and multi-day immersive classes offer a chance to go in-depth on a subject to hone specific mindfulness meditation skills. 

Meditation Interventions for the Addiction Process
Three Day Retreat
La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, CA
June 17 - 19, 2016

This special three-day retreat is an excellent introduction to George Haas's unique mindful-meditation-based approach to recovery.  La Casa de Maria is a beloved sanctuary for heart, mind, and spirit, located between mountain and sea in beautiful Santa Barbara. Local students are welcome to commute each day to the class, and those from out of town can register to stay on this amazing property. Sign u now via the link below.

The Meaningful Life Retreat – East
Watershed Center in Millerton, NY
May 27 - June 4, 2016

Teachers George Haas and Christopher Crotty will guide you through the four foundations of mindfulness, emphasizing radical self-acceptance, calm and clarity.  With a stable mind and open heart as a foundation, we will then explore aspects of relational mindfulness: how you connect to others, how you can be completely yourself in relationship and work; in other words, how to achieve a meaningful life.

This retreat is administered by Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society and will fill up quickly so register now to reserve your space via the link below.

3rd Annual Metta Retreat in Burma
and Extended Trip w/ George Haas
February, 2017

Join Mettagroup's George Haas and Chris Cotty from February 8 - 22 on this special retreat for foreign meditators, where yogis will have the unique opportunity to learn the practice of metta meditation from Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Indaka, and Western teachers Venerable Virañani and Ariya Baumann. Together they will offer in-depth metta instructions and teachings in the natural surroundings of the Chanmyay Myaing Forest that are especially suitable for meditation. Students also have the opportunity extend their trip from February 1 - 28, adding four days in Yangon, Myanmar to to visit Buddhist sites before the retreat, and ending with six days in Guangzhou and Hong Kong afterwards to explore Chinese culture.

The Meaningful Life Retreat – West
Zaca Lake Retreat
July 12 - 24, 2016
(Six or Twelve Nights)

This special 6 or twelve-night retreat takes place at the beautiful Zaca Lake Retreat, nestled in the San Rafael Mountains of Santa Barbara County. Mettagrup teachers George Haas and Chris Cotty will guide you through the four foundations of mindfulness, emphasizing radical self-acceptance, calm and clarity. Each morning will include Dharma teachings with meditation instructions. The afternoon will offer an opportunity for longer, uninterrupted practice, and evening sessions will focus on loving-kindness meditation. This retreat is open to beginners and ongoing practitioners, and is encouraged for anyone seeking to deepen their meditation practice and bring greater insight into their daily life.

One-on-One Mentoring

A flexible system with an experienced mentor

Deepen Your Meditation Practice

One-on-One Mentoring is an ongoing dialogue about your meditation practice with an experienced teacher. The dialogue takes place via phone, email, text, IM, and Skype.

This approach has proven to be very popular with students interested in deepening their practice. Students who click with this approach tend to stay with it for long periods, so the turnover is low and (unfortunately) there is often a waiting list for one-on-one mentoring.

Mettagroup mentors are dharma teachers and facilitators who through their own practice see the benefit of working closely with a teacher, and make the commitment as part of their practice to work one-one-one with students long-term.

We recommend that you commit to three months when you begin the mentoring process. For those first months, we recommend weekly Skype sessions to establish a vocabulary for dialogue with your mentor and to develop a strategy for your meditation so you can get the most out of your practice. We ask everyone to keep a journal of their meditation practice so that as questions come up they can be jotted down and then referred to in conversation with your mentor.

After that, you can adjust. Some people prefer weekly contact, some only twice a month. Some people prefer to move to telephone-based appointments, while others prefer not to set appointments but to schedule sessions when they need them. There is no limit to the frequency of contact with your mentor so you need not feel inhibited about reaching out.

Having the flexibility to IM, email or text to get an answer to a quick question or to schedule an impromptu Skype session when something comes up that cannot wait is what this system is designed for. The idea is to support your practice in the way you need.

Some people like to add Morning Meditation to the mix.

Approximately 75% of the students we work with are focused on relational mindfulness. For the remaining 25% of students, the focus is on classical enlightenment.

Interested in finding out more about One-on-One Mentoring? Contact us to schedule a consultation.


Pre-recorded courses to help jump start your practice

Each of these eight-week courses include eight recordings, class study materials, a two month subscription to Morning Meditation and one consultation with a meditation teacher via phone, email or Skype.