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Meditation retreats are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike and offer a chance to experience an extended period of meditation that is so vital to developing a deeper practice. Whether it's a single-day with your local sangha, or a multi-day residential experience in a remote location, retreats support our deepest intentions to be free and offer a chance to hone specific mindfulness meditation skills. 

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Relational mindfulness for love and work.


MEditation x attachment LEVEL ONE

Open to all students, the first level of Mettagroup’s signature Meditation x Attachment course (formerly known as The Meaningful Life) offers instruction in Buddhist theory, Attachment Theory, and in-depth meditation techniques. It focuses on developing secure relationships, uprooting past attachment conditioning and working through conflict resolution strategies to learn how to be completely yourself in your relationships with others and with your work. In other words, this course helps you learn how to live a meaningful life. It draws deeply on John Bowlby’s teachings and Daniel P. Brown's Ideal Parent-Figure (IPF) Attachment Protocol. The new format for this course is a series of four daylong classes, each divided into three sections. It is best experienced by attending all sessions, however students are welcome to drop in on individual classes as well, and it is completely dana (donation)-based. Classes are recorded and archived with video and/or audio files available for students who miss any sessions.

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Level Two is open to students who have completed Level One as well as students have taken any previous iterations of our intensive courses or extended retreats. The course includes one-on-one mentoring and offers a more in-depth exploration of the connections between attachment and regular meditation practice to shift your existing relationships into secure functioning ones, drawing deeply on Dr. Daniel P. Brown’s Idealized Parent Figure (IPF) protocol. Classes are live-streamed for remote students, and are recorded and archived with video and/or audio files available for students who miss any sessions or wish to review the material again.

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Level Three is organized around the Idealized Parent Figure (IPF) protocol and is for those who wish to do the deep work that shifts automatic attachment responses into secure functioning ones. Level Three consists of a monthly group meeting with other students in a supportive, inquisitive and interactive environment.  All current IPF students are eligible to participate in this class. Sign ups will open each month for the next class, and are limited to just eight students on a first come, first served basis, so check back each month for the next session!


Meditation based healing for substance and process-related addictions.


The techniques and strategies covered in Meditation x Addiction (formerly Meditation Interventions for the Addiction Process) are specifically designed to support healing for people dealing with addiction and addiction-related issues. As evidenced by George Haas's own personal path, mindfulness meditation-based skills training can offer a truly effective behavioral change in the realm of addiction. Offered as a 12-week, 36-class intensive outpatient course in partnership with other acute rehab programs, this course combines traditional meditation approaches, the relapse pattern theories from the work of G. Alan Marlatt, Phd., and John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. Students learn a simple, easy-to-learn, and very pragmatic approach to addressing addiction, and many move on Meditation x Attachment™ Level Two after stabilizing in their recovery to continue to deepen their practice and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. 

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A flexible system with an experienced mentor

All of our mentoring formats are based on an ongoing dialogue that connects your meditation practice with other aspects of your life that you'd like to take a closer look at. The dialogue takes place in person, or via phone, email, text, IM, and Skype.  Students who click with their mentoring sessions tend to stay with it for long periods, so the turnover is low and (unfortunately) there is often a waiting list. Read on for more about our offerings!

Meditation Mentoring

This one-on-one mentoring relationship has proven very popular with students interested in truly deepening their meditation practice. The process starts with weekly Skype sessions to establish a vocabulary for dialogue with your mentor and to develop a strategy for your meditation, and then after that we can adjust the plan accordingly. Some people prefer weekly contact, some only twice a month. Some people prefer to move to telephone-based appointments, while others prefer not to set appointments but to schedule sessions when they need them. There is no limit to the frequency of contact with your mentor so you need not feel inhibited about reaching out.

Having the flexibility to IM, email or text to get an answer to a quick question or to schedule an impromptu Skype session when something comes up that cannot wait is what this system is designed for. The idea is to support your practice in the way you need. Approximately 75% of the students we work with are focused on relational mindfulness. For the remaining 25% of students, the focus is on classical enlightenment. Many students like to add Morning Meditation to the mix.

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Idealized Parent Figure Protocol (IPF)

Developed with  Dr. Daniel P. Brown, PhD, Mettagroup is very happy to offer mentoring and work groups based on his definitive work, Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair. Described by Psychology Today as a "major breakthrough in treatment," the journal also said: "It should be required reading by every mental health clinician and provider as a basis of treatment. If it were, there would be more positive treatment results for a wide variety of mental health issues."

Developed to assess and address attachment disturbances in a totally unique and effective way, we also offer IPF trainings for professionals including licensed therapists and psychiatrists who want to incorporate this approach into their own work with patients. This marks a major development in George Haas's own lifelong work connecting secular Buddhist meditation and modern attachment theory.

Mentoring for Couples

While many forms of couples counseling end up negotiating the failure of late-state relationships, Mettagroup's meditation-based mentoring is focused on building a secure foundation early in a relationship (rather than trying to repair it later).  Mettagroup mentors were trained  and certified by Dr. Stan Tatkin's PACT Institute. Get in touch below for more info! 

Adult Attachment Interviews (AAI)

Created by Dr. Mary Main, Adult Attachment Interviews are scored assessments that determine what your specific attachment issues are. Anybody who is interested in attachment repair needs an accurate assessment of their strategy. We offer AAI directly to Mettagroup students, or if you're a therapist, we can conduct the interviews with your patients in conjunction with your practice. AAI includes a detailed report with reflective functioning.  


To find out more about any of our Mentoring options, get in touch at 213-378-0489 or fill out the contact form below.

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