A flexible system with an experienced mentor

All of our mentoring formats are based on an ongoing dialogue that connects your meditation practice with other aspects of your life that you'd like to take a closer look at. The dialogue takes place in person, or via phone, email, text, IM, and Skype. It is recommended that you commit to three months when you begin the mentoring process.  Students who click with their mentoring sessions tend to stay with it for long periods, so the turnover is low and (unfortunately) there is often a waiting list. Read on for more about our offerings!

Meditation Mentoring

This one-on-one mentoring relationship has proven very popular with students interested in truly deepening their meditation practice. The process starts with weekly Skype sessions to establish a vocabulary for dialogue with your mentor and to develop a strategy for your meditation, and then after that we can adjust the plan accordingly. We ask everyone to keep a journal

After that, you can adjust. Some people prefer weekly contact, some only twice a month. Some people prefer to move to telephone-based appointments, while others prefer not to set appointments but to schedule sessions when they need them. There is no limit to the frequency of contact with your mentor so you need not feel inhibited about reaching out.

Having the flexibility to IM, email or text to get an answer to a quick question or to schedule an impromptu Skype session when something comes up that cannot wait is what this system is designed for. The idea is to support your practice in the way you need.

Approximately 75% of the students we work with are focused on relational mindfulness. For the remaining 25% of students, the focus is on classical enlightenment. Many students like to add Morning Meditation to the mix.


Limited spots now available, get in touch at 213-378-0489 or click the link below to sign up for more information.