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The Meaningful Life
Ten Month Intensive Class

April 16, 2016 - Jan 28, 2017
Second and fourth Saturdays of the month
10am - Noon at Refuge Recovery in East Hollywood

Led by Mettagroup founder George Haas, the meditation techniques offered in this ten month intensive class are specific, simple and easy-to-do. Whether you already have an established practice or are just beginning, you can benefit.

So often with shorter class series, there comes a point when the training offered exceeds the mediation skills of the student, and the instruction becomes a seed for later exploration rather than an immediate skill-set. With this class, you will be able to develop the meditation skills needed to directly experience the insight offered as we move through the curriculum.

The Meaningful Life looks at using your meditation practice to come into radical acceptance of yourself as you are now without wanting to change anything. Using John Bowlby’s attachment theory as a model for understanding how we connect with other people, you will learn how we can be completely ourselves in our relationships with others and with our work. In other words, how to live a meaningful life.

Classes are intimate with a limit of 30 students, teacher George Haas, and four experienced mentors to help guide you on your path.

Registration also includes access to Morning Meditation, a live guided meditation held via conference call six days a week, as well as two private one-on-one sessions with an experienced mentor via Skype, and are videotaped and archived in case you miss one. In addition, ten remote Virtual Students will be accepted.

Limited scholarships are available to those who truly need them; please email or call us to find out more and apply.


The Meaningful Life
Ten Month Intensive Class w
ith George Haas
April 16, 2016 - Jan 28, 2017
Refuge Recovery in East Hollywood

$3,000  ($500 deposit now + $250 per month when course begins)

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George founded Mettagroup in 2003 and was named the Best Online Buddhist Meditation teacher by Los Angeles Magazine in 2011. His own path began in 1978 with a serious exploration of the eleventh step of the Twelve-Step tradition, working primarily with concentration to reduce the anxiety of living sober. Subsequently, he began walking the Red Road (traditional Native American spiritual practices) and reading Buddhist texts in the 1980s.

In 1992 he began practicing Vipassanā at Ordinary Dharma in Venice, and studying Buddhist texts extensively. In 1998 he began study with his current teacher, Shinzen Young, at Vipassanā Support International, where he is now a senior facilitator. He began teaching meditation in 2000, and along with his daily Morning Meditation and full schedule of one-on-one students, he continues to teach regularly at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Center, and to hold several intensives and retreats per year.



Julia has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for the past 12 years and has been practicing under the guidance of George Haas since 2012. She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 2013 and is a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. She continues to be inspired by the intersection of attachment theory, neurobiology and mindfulness.

Jason is a mindfulness facilitator who provides practical, relationship-centric guidance, leveraging mindfulness tools to cultivate empathy and enrich interpersonal connections. He has trained with meditation teachers Shinzen Young and Deborah Eden Tull, and he has practiced 5Rhythms movement meditation with Kate Shela since 2011. Since 2008, he has logged over 2500 hours of formal practice and 92 days of silent retreat.


Blake has been meditating seriously in the Vipassanā tradition for five years, during which time he has attended fifteen silent residential meditation retreats, and trained closely for four years with George Haas. He is also a yoga teacher at Exhale Venice, and views the two modalities, yoga asana and seated practice, as facets of one integrated spirituality. Fascinated by the possibilities of linking Buddhist meditation technologies with contemporary understandings of psychology and attachment theory, he is excited to be a part of Mettagroup, a truly cutting edge approach to healing, and to awakening.

Chris is a Buddhist teacher, Hatha yoga teacher, mentor, adjunct professor in alternative medicine and Hospice volunteer. He is dedicated to nurturing and sustaining the insight of contemplative practice in a way that is accessible to contemporary lifestyles, while honoring tradition. He has practiced meditation since 1998 and has trained with Burmese meditation masters, western monastics of the Zen and Thai Forest tradition, and senior western Vipassanā teachers. He has received mentoring from Matthew Daniel, co-founder of Insight Meditation Center Newburyport and Noah Levine, founder of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.