Jump start your daily practice.

Morning Meditation is a daily guided meditation with Mettagroup founder George Haas and a supportive group of fellow meditators. You can dial in live from your phone every morning, or you can access each day's meditation any time via phone, podcast or download. 

Sessions are held live Monday through Saturday at 7:30am PT (10:30am ET).  Each call lasts about 25 minutes including a short introduction, a focused daily meditation, and an open Q&A. It's a great way to jump start your practice whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator!



When you register for your free month, you will receive an email with dial-in information. After your first free month, you will be billed monthly at our regular rate of $35 per month. You may cancel at any time and are under no obligation to continue beyond your free trial.  



George moved to Los Angeles from New York to work in film and photography in 1992, when he started practicing Vipassanā at Ordinary Dharma in Venice, and studying Buddhist texts extensively. In 1998 he began study with his current teacher, Shinzen Young, at Vipassanā Support International, where he is now a senior facilitator.  He began teaching meditation in 2000, founded Mettagroup in 2003, and became an empowered teacher through Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, where he taught from 2007 to 2016. Along with his daily Morning Meditation and full schedule of one-on-one students, he continues to teach weekly classes and intensives in Los Angeles, and offer day-long, weekend and extended retreats. 


While meditation can completely transform your life for the better, the challenge is that you really need to do it regularly to manifest that change. The purpose of Morning Meditation is to help support your daily practice so that you can make that progress and live a more meaningful life.

Morning Meditation instructions are simple and straightforward. Even if you have no meditation experience you will be able to learn to meditate following the guidance and by asking questions as you pursue your own path to happiness.

Each day’s session stands alone, so you can jump in at any time and get some benefit. At the same time, they are organized around specific themes that play out over several weeks, so if you choose to join in for all the sessions, you can go deep.