Jason Ryterband

Jason is a mindfulness facilitator who provides practical, relationship-centric guidance, leveraging mindfulness tools to cultivate empathy and enrich interpersonal connections. Using a combination of traditional Vipassanā meditation techniques and modern psychological research, Jason empowers people to move toward more secure, authentic ways of being in the world. He has trained with meditaion teachers Shinzen Young and Deborah Eden Tull, and he has practiced 5Rhythms movement meditation with Kate Shela since 2011. Since 2008, he has logged over 2500 hours of formal practice and more than 100 days of silent retreat.


Blake Shields Abramovitz

Blake has been meditating seriously in the Vipassanā tradition for five years, during which time he has attended fifteen silent residential meditation retreats, and trained closely for four years with George Haas. He is also a yoga teacher at Exhale Venice, and views the two modalities, yoga asana and seated practice, as facets of one integrated spirituality. Fascinated by the possibilities of linking Buddhist meditation technologies with contemporary understandings of psychology and attachment theory, he is excited to be a part of Mettagroup, a truly cutting edge approach to healing, and to awakening.



Zack Oldenburg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with years of experience working with substance abuse and trauma. Zack is deeply interested in the intersection of addiction, attachment theory, and meditation. He believes that meditation coupled with an awareness of attachment strategies and a template for healthy relationships can transform our experience of ourselves and the world we live in. He believes deeply that by addressing our own relational trauma and forming supportive relationships as adults that we can go a long way towards making the world a kinder and more habitable place for everyone. 


Harmony Urmston

Harmony works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker where she has supported people though the change process in relation to addiction, self-harm, mental illness, medical conditions, gender and sexuality exploration, childhood trauma and relational challenges. She has found in working with clients, and in her own life, that no single intervention is as powerful a tool as the practice of mindfulness. She has been mediating for over ten years and has attended many silent retreats since 2012 when she first sat with George and heard him say “I love you, keep going.” She has personally experienced the wonder of radical change and growth and loves the collaborative process of supporting others while they push into this deeply human process.