Meditation x Addiction

Meditation-Based Healing for Addiction 


We form addictions when the pains of life become intolerable. You can’t tell someone “Just stop using” without offering alternative ways of handling and healing these painful thoughts and emotions.

This course teaches a systematic approach to reduce the pain to the point where addiction is no longer needed to cope.

Working with procedural memory (unlike cognitive training, which can still be hijacked by stress), this mindfulness meditation-based program enables powerful, sustainable change in behaviors around addiction.


  • Strategies for skillful stress management and emotional regulation

  • A system to address the underlying cause of addiction

  • Effective recovery

  • Long-term abstinence

  • A powerful social network to support ongoing sobriety


A 12-week, 36-class intensive outpatient course in partnership with other acute rehab programs.

This evidence-based system combines:

  • Ongoing meditation practice

  • The relapse pattern theory of G. Alan Marlatt, PhD

  • John Bowlby’s psychological model of Attachment Theory

Students discover how to:

  • Understand and alter damaging behaviors

  • Move beyond the limits of childhood conditioning

  • Build healthier relationships with themselves, others, and the world


“When you come right down to it, addiction is an emotional regulation strategy. Working through meditation and addressing my own unhealthy attachment strategies, I was able to shift them in a way the has made my life meaningful. Now I’ve been sober for 40 years and this process has made my life something I’m excited to get up and go do. This is the piece that was missing before.”

- George Haas, Founding Teacher


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